3 Amazing Robots Made By Engineers and Engineering Students

Robotic-InsectRobots have long fascinated engineering students and the general public alike. In fact, while professional engineers develop impressive robots on a regular basis, many of the most amazing robots and electronics on the market today were first developed and created by teams of engineering students. After spending many classroom hours working on their projects, students have come up with some great ideas that are not only fun and creative, but can also be very beneficial in discovering new information and seeing different areas that humans themselves are unable to access. Listed below are 3 amazing robots and 2 of them are student made.

Robotic Spider Vehicle

Setting the stage for engineering students around the world, an American robotics company recently spent 4 years creating a very unique vehicle that would be primarily used for moving materials easily from one place to another. This robotic vehicle takes on a spider look which includes 6 feet and 12 tires that are located all around the main compartment. Wheels are connected with the legs, making it easy to move around in many different directions. The tires and legs are able to move with the assistance of a human who controls the robotic vehicle from inside the main compartment. Weighing more than 2 tons, this spider vehicle can load and unload many heavy objects that humans and other types of equipment are simply not equipped to handle. In addition, the machine is powered by solar panels to create a more energy-efficient vehicle without the use of petroleum for operation.

Robotic Toy Car

A group of Arizona State University engineering students have recently created a robotic toy car that is now the start of their very own business after gaining a good amount of interest in their robotic product. The car goes by the name of Cosmo and is designed specifically for preschool aged children. If you are looking for a way to stimulate your child’s mind while providing them with a fun new way to learn, Cosmo is sure to be a hit on the market. Special math and spelling games are programmed into the robotic toy car which will help to interactively teach children in a whole new way. This group of students received help from ASU Venture Catalyst program’s Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative which will give them some funding to work on and complete their business project for the mass public. The car will be able to follow voice commands and will offer more interactive features as it continues throughout its developmental process.

Robotic Insects

One of the most unique and amazing robots made by an engineering student are flying insects. These robotic insects were first developed by Harvard graduate student, Pakpong Chirarattananon. These insects are just half the size of a paperclip, making them some of the smallest robots ever created. The first controlled flight of this insect robot was a major stepping stone (source: ) in more than a decade’s work. As these tiny robots flap their wings through the sky, we are able to gather new and insightful information such as distributed environmental monitoring. This project is simply the first step in harnessing biology in order to solve real problems in crop pollination, techniques used by insects and more.

As engineering students learn new procedures and make technological advances, we can expect to see some new and exciting robots released over time. Many of these robots may even make their way to store shelves for the general public to enjoy.