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Welcome to Master of Engineering Degrees, your #1 online resource guide for finding the best engineering school and degree program in your chosen discipline. Our mission is to share our expert knowledge on the best quality accredited engineering degree programs offered at the country’s highest ranked universities to guarantee you receive the higher education necessary for reaching your professional goals as an engineer.

Regardless of whether you are interested in mechanical, electrical, software, biomedical, financial, computer, or any other area of engineering, the first step is to earn a high-quality engineering master’s degree from a reputable school. Therefore, we are dedicated to ranking the top Master of Engineering degree programs accredited by the ABET to assist you in your journey of locating the ideal program match for your learning needs in engineering.

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Did you know?

Some interesting facts about engineering:

• Engineering is the most common degree among Fortune 500 CEOs, with around 20% of these successful business leaders claiming an engineering degree.

• As one of the top majors that pay you back, earning an engineering degree can lead to some of the highest mid-career salaries past the six-figure mark. In fact, petroleum engineering leads to a starting salary of $103,000 with mid-career potential of $160,000! On average, engineers make 65% more than scientists.

• Employment in the engineering field over the next decade is projected to be very positive as the market demands more qualified engineers to help the world. At this time, the fastest growing discipline is biomedical engineering, which is experiencing tremendous growth by 27% to keep up with changing needs in healthcare.

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