Master of Engineering Salary

Master of Engineering SalaryMany people who are considering earning a Master of Engineering may wonder what is typical of a Master of Engineering salary. A Master of Engineering often leads to the highest salaries and the most sought-after positions in the engineering profession. Depending upon your engineering passion or interest, you might choose from any number of engineering specializations to pursue. The starting Master of Engineering salary is far greater than that of an engineer with only a bachelor’s degree. With this degree, your future will be as stable as possible, and employers may very well seek you out for employment opportunities.

Details about Master of Engineering Salary

The typical Master of Engineering salary is well above the national average. As an engineer with an undergraduate degree, a starting salary is likely to be around $40,000 annually; however, this number increases for engineers in possession of a master’s degree in engineering. A starting salary for a non-management or non-senior position is likely to be around $50,000 for a mechanical engineer. A senior, management, or aerospace engineering position is all likely to start between $60,000 and $70,000 a year. People who are more qualified and have more experience are likely to earn up to $150,000.

Master of Engineering Jobs and Specializations

Engineering covers a vast and diverse arena of specializations. With a master’s degree in engineering, you will have the opportunity to pursue careers in a number of specializations such as mechanical, design, and aerospace engineering. Some of the most common and in-demand jobs to pursue upon completing this degree are within the area of mechanical engineering. You will be able to pursue jobs such as a mechanical engineer, senior mechanical engineer, mechanical design engineer, and more. Mechanical engineering jobs in these areas could allow for you to design automobiles, engines, large machinery, various devices, or to manage the individuals who create such designs. The best way for any person with a master’s degree in engineering to secure their future is to choose a specialization or an area that overlaps with mechanical engineering.

While some people prefer a more general degree to be able to apply to a wider variety of job openings, this approach may not be as successful in engineering as it is in other professions. You could choose a specialization within mechanical engineering, or you might also consider specializations with mechanical engineering undertones such as aerospace engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, or many others. Aerospace engineering is a particularly small niche in engineering. The few who are accepted into this niche at a master’s level will be able to hand select their career opportunities and increase their salary potential.

As an engineer with a master’s degree, you will have significantly more professional opportunities than individuals without one. You will move to the top of any interview list, as well as be able to negotiate a significantly higher salary. With this degree and its associated Master of Engineering salary, you will be able to create your own comfortable future.